My Fiction and Non-Fiction writing includes Play and Screenwriting as well as Narrative Non-fiction, and ranges from the humorous to the dramatic, but always centers the voices of marginaized groups. From a West End Atlanta native who looks out for everyone to Spoken-word artist looking out for herself to a Muslim-American woman looking for love.

Dramatic Writing

Dates with Maysun

A romantic-comedy about a Muslim-American girl who decides to try dating during the holy month of Ramadhan; the one time of year designated for abstaining from temptation. Between her parents attempts to arrange her marriage and sneaking out behind their backs, Maysun quickly realizes that dating is a lot of work. But possibly totally worth it.


A Bear in the Garden

A Westside local cultivates community via food equity – An article on Arthur “Bear” Hines, a local of West End Atlanta who began a food revolution through Guerilla Farming.

Being Black and Muslimah

The intersection of Black x Muslim x Women in the American workplace – An article on Hannah Hasan, a spoken-word storyteller and North Carolina native on her experience navigating corporate America as a “Fat, black, Muslim woman”.